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Lantis LIMS

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Welcome to lantis_lims, a last icon maker standing competition for SciFi Channel's Stargate Atlantis. This is an all-inclusive competition permitting the use of both stills and animation. If you're not familiar with LIMS comms, think icon survivor (except participation in this competition doesn't mean stranding you on a deserted island with only a laptop). Each week you are provided with a limited number of caps with which to make one icon entry (unless specified otherwise). The participants with the lesser quality icon, as determined by voters, will be eliminated from the competition. Your friendly neighbourhood mod is shadowserenity. Winner banner makers: [to come]. S2 overrides by minty_peach. Header/userpic by shadowserenity.

lantis_lims is the progenitor of the following LIMS family:

. likethegun_lims, a Supernatural LIMS
. sg1_lims, a Stargate SG-1 LIMS
. cm_lims, a Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni LIMS

lantis_lims very proudly supports quality LIMS with fair voting systems and established schedules. If you would like to create a LIMS based on the lantis_lims model, please message me and we’ll look into adding you to the family.

. [to come]

First Place: elli
Second Place: beeej
Third Place: ohfreckle
Fourth Place: lifeistoobrevis & sinfully_yours9

First Place: paperbinned
Second Place: emily_reich
Third Place: elli
Fourth Place: newkidfan

First Place: ciderpress & le_mot_mo
Third Place: odannygirl7
Fourth Place: meganlynn09

First Place: meivocis
Second Place: obaona
Third Place: mortnme
Fourth Place: estragora

This competition is conducted in rounds. You must join a round at either the initial sign-up post or the first challenge and participate in every challenge (unless a skip is used) until you are either eliminated or declared the winner of that round. You are not able to join a round at any other interval. Once you are eliminated, you cannot participate until the next round.

.01. You must be a member of the community to enter.
.02. You must register your interest in participating in the sign-up thread for the upcoming round.
.03. You may submit only one icon per challenge, unless otherwise stated in the lowdown.
.04. Your icon must meet LJ requirements - 100x100 pixels and 40kb in size.
.05. The entered icon must be totally original. This includes the cropping! Please do not use other people's bases.
.06. Please don't post or use your icon anywhere until the challenge is over. Doing so will result in your disqualification.
.07. Please don't ask your friends to vote for you. Just because you have a lot of friends doesn't mean your icon deserves to win.
.08. I reserve the right not to accept your icon if it doesn’t follow challenge requirements.
.09. Unless otherwise stated, use of texture brushes and blending is permitted.

All participants are provided with one skip upon sign-up. To receive a second skip, you must advertise lantis_lims. You must provide the link to the pimp before the second skip is issued. No other skips are awarded.

.01. Upload your icon to an image hosting service that allows direct linking (i.e. Photobucket, ImageShack).
.02. Post both the image tag and URL (see below) as a reply to the challenge post. Comments are screened.


.01. To vote you need to have a Livejournal account. No anonymous voting, sorry.
.02. You do not have to be a participant to be eligible to vote. You may watch or join this community for the sole purpose of voting.
.03. You are not permitted to vote for yourself.
.04. You must vote for four icons: your two (2) least favourite (the entries you consider to be of lesser quality in technique) and your two (2) favourite (the entries you consider to be the best). You must provide a reason for all votes. Please remember that you are judging on technique, not personal preference. Reasons such as "I dislike this character and I can't believe you used my least favourite colour for your background" are not acceptable.
.05. After voting has concluded and the weekly results have been announced, participants have the option of requesting their feedback (in a screened or unscreened comment).

lantis_lims uses tags to organise its entries by round and post type (challenges, voting etc). The link to the tag list is in the header links.

. dh_icontest
. fs_lims
. jf_dh_icontest
. pm_icontest
. sga_lims
. sg_awards
. teylalims