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21 September 2009 @ 01:41 am
lizabeth_daily activities  
Because it seems I can't stop myself from creating something else since lantis_lims is nearly over:

Hi, all :). I've recently taken over lizabeth_daily, the Elizabeth Weir daily community. At the moment we're currently hosting a two week challenge (see below) and a discussion topic on our favourite Elizabeth icons. You can check out that discussion here.

What's it all about? You make an Elizabeth icon every day for two weeks from the daily caps I provide. To post your icon, please create a separate topic every day labelled Daily Elizabeth icon # (insert the number of whichever day - 1-14 etc).

When does the 2 week challenge start? Thursday, 24th September.

Can I get a head start on the challenge? Sure! Here are the daily caps I'll be posting over the fourteen days.

What if I miss the opening of the challenge? Can I jump in whenever? Sure!

Can I advertise this challenge? Yes please! If you'd like, you can hotlink the little banner at the top of this post - or create your own!

Are you looking for any help? I'd love a volunteer to make individual banners for everyone at the end of the challenge.

To sign up, head over here.